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The Immigration Lawyer

Like any other kind of attorney, a immigration attorney must be licensed to practice law. Immigration attorneys are attorneys that specialize specifically within the field of immigration. The field can be broken down into sub-categories as well. Some immigration attorneys may work on deportation cases while other immigration attorneys may specialize in helping immigrants with the process of naturalization.

•    When it comes to any court involving immigration, immigrants are not provided with attorneys free of charge. If an immigrant wants an attorney to try to prevent their deportation case, then they must hire their own immigration attorney to fight the case. Immigrants who are facing deportation is in a vulnerable situation. Since many immigrants live in poverty, they cannot afford to hire an immigration attorney. Because of this, many immigrants decide to defend themselves. However, immigration attorneys are sometimes willing to work on a sliding scale, charging what they determine that an individual can afford to pay per hour.

•    Another way that an immigration attorney might be able to help an immigrant is by leading them through the process of naturalization. Naturalization is the process by which an immigrant becomes a naturalized American citizen. They then have the same rights as any other American citizen, although they can still be deported. Become a citizen requires a series of complicated steps. An immigration attorney should know how to navigate through these steps in a way that an immigrant will not. The process of naturalization involves requirements such as the citizenship test, a background check, an interview and five years of legal residence in the United States.

•    An immigrant who can afford to hire a immigration lawyer should ask some basic questions of the immigration attorney before hiring him or her. Finding out if the immigration attorney has had a successful career is one of the first things that an immigrant should find out, especially if facing a deportation. If a immigration attorney has fought many deportation orders and won, than the immigrant may find it to be within their best interest to hire the immigration attorney. The same goes for a immigrant who wants to be naturalized. Immigration lawyer Chicago should have experience in the process of naturalization.

•    The individual should also find out what the immigration attorney fees are. Some may cost hundred of dollars per billable hours while others will only charge what the immigrant can afford.

Because immigration is a hot button issue in the United States, a immigration attorney should be thick skinned and patient.

How to get a Passport in the US

How to get a Passport in the US
What are the different types of passports in the US?
As we all know that the passport is one of the most accepted ID proof all over the world. It is issued to all citizens and non-citizens too. How to get a passport is a common issue before any person who wish to have one. A passport is issued by the U’s department of state. They issue passport book and card as well. With passport card, you can travel only inside the USA while you can travel world wide with a passport booklet. Passport card looks like a credit card and it can be inserted in a wallet. That is one of the advantages of passport card.
A Brief History:
Passport was introduced in the US during the ‘war for independence’ period (1775-83).That time the passport were just sheets of paper printed on one side with a description of the bearer and it was valid for 3-6 months. That time, passports were being issued not only by the department of state but also by states and cities even. That caused some confusion to other countries. And that led the federal government to give the authority to the department of state to issue passport in 1856. Since then, US passport has changed significantly in its design and content over the years. From 2000 onwards, US have started issuing passports with digital photos and from 2010; all previous series of passports were changed.
It is to be noted that there are different types of passports in the US. They are mentioned as follows;
Regular Passport: – Regular passports are blue in color and which is being issued to citizens and non-citizen nationals of the US. One has to apply in the prescribed passport application form to get it. The validity of US passport is 10 years do the people who are above the age of 16 years and 5 years for minors. Before it gets expired one has to renew it by applying through passport renewal form. There is a special no-fee passport which is issued to US government officials who are on a special duty to a foreign country. This has a shorter validity like 5 years from the date of issue. This is a special purpose passport.
Official Passport: – This is a kind of passport issued to US citizens who are assigned jobs abroad and to their dependents and others who travel along on an official purpose. The validity of such passports is 5 years from the date of issuance.
Diplomatic Passport: – This passport is issued to US diplomats who are posted abroad on duty and to their dependents. This is purely for those who travel abroad on duty of US government. The validity of this passport is also 5 years.
Refugee Passport: – This is a special passport being issued to the refugees in the US. It is blue- green in color. This can not be considered as full passport. Another document of this sort is re-entry permit which is issued to permanent aliens in the US in lieu of a passport. They can re-enter the US by showing this pass. However, it carries a validity period of 2 years from the date of issuance.
Emergency Passport: – This is a kind of passport issued to the US citizens abroad on some3 emergency situations. The validity of it is only one year.
Passport card : – How to get a passport card and the unique features of the same are something which all US citizens are eager to know about. This passport card is also considered as full passport. It is a card sized passport which can be used while travelling only in and around the US. This can also be used as an ID proof to cross and re-enter US borders. Validity of passport card is as same as passport booklet and it is applied on passport application form itself. When it gets expired it has to get renewed by submitting passport renewal form. The only drawback is, it can not be used while traveling abroad but the advantage is if you are not a frequent international traveler, it is the best thing because it is very small in size and it can be inserted in your wallet itself. Another important point is the fee for passport card is much cheaper than a normal passport is.

Thursday, 31 October 2013

Immigration Attorney

Some nations around the globe having an extremely strong economy system which, result as secure locations for one to reside. As these nations have a powerful economy system, a vast area of chances and possibilities exist there. For this explanation and reason, people from other nations in the world, desire to proceed into such powerful produced nations. Moving into a strong economic company can be very advantageous. Better lifestyle, better job opportunities, better facilities and many other things attract people to such countries. These people move from their country to another additional country are identified as immigration. Immigration entails some great deal of paperwork to be done to operate and can result in a hassle. Many nations, for this are presently facing many issues of illegal immigration. Many people sometimes face immigration problems too, which may end up in a legal case. Such situations have raised the demand of immigration attorneys in developed countries.

Immigration law represents many national government policies controlling the entire phenomenon of immigration to the country. These immigration laws are not of the same nature in every company. They differ from country to country. Immigration law, regarding foreign nationals, is according to the nationality laws. These nationality laws govern the legal status of the citizens, in events such as citizenship. Different countries have different immigration laws varying from each other. These laws are also according to other factors like the political climate in country at particular times.

Immigration attorneys tackle these varieties of immigration laws and issues, which pertain to immigrants along with their residency status. An immigration lawyer can help his client in filing a visa like employment-based visa to appeal for denial for citizenship. He can also help his client in participating in proceedings of a deportation defense case. Immigration attorneys regularly communicate with federal agencies and many state. These agencies may include the Circuit Courts Department of Justice, Department of Labor and Immigration Appeals Board.

Some countries maintain strict immigration laws. These laws regulate the right to entry and also the internal rights like the duration of stay, right to take part in government activities, etc. Like all attorneys, immigration lawyers should be excellent researchers. This is due to the recalling state and the federal laws and all the legal processes. These attorneys must have polished and strong public speaking skills. Presenting skills is also important for an immigration attorney since they have to stand before the international committees and other board members outside the regular court appearances.

The demand of immigration lawyers has gone up. The annual average salary, which an immigration lawyer draws, is around $57,000. Geographical location is a fact on which the salary of a lawyer depends. The lawyers in developed countries get paid more than other countries. The years of experience also increases the earnings in the field of Immigration Law. Larger metropolitan areas and countries like United States are in need of Immigration attorneys. It is because their expanding immigrant population. So, in case you have any problems with immigration matters, then you can hire an immigration attorney.

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

How to Change you Name in Washington DC after Marriage

Not many couples do favor a change in name after their marriage, but for those who aspire to have a name change in Washington D.C. feel that the laws are quite stringent and the task will be inexplicably tough. You can opt for a new name once you receive a certified copy of the marriage license. Your marriage license is filed with the clerk of the court after the wedding ceremony and you will get a copy by mail.

Instructions on how to change your name after marriage:

As an initial step, your name on the social security card has to be changed. This requires to fill out form SS-5 .The form can be obtained from Social Security Administration Office at Washington. D.C. This is also available online. Fill out the form with all the appropriate information asked for and hand it over to the Social Security Administration Office with a certified copy of your marriage certificate. It will take a maximum duration of ten days for you to get the new social security card. The Social Security Administration will take care of the responsibility of informing your name change to the IRS.

New Driver’s License
Visiting the Department of Motor vehicles to acquire a new driver’s license is the immediate task after the social security card. Submit them with your current license along with a certified copy of your marriage certificate. Before procuring your new driver’s license, your name has to be changed in the database of social security administration.

Change your name in Financial Institutions Documents:

The following step is contacting the financial sector, the process for each one is different, so it’s better that you deal with them one by one to inform the name change. Some may demand your driver’s license and others may ask for a copy of your certified marriage license to prove your name change. You will have to inform the bank, creditors, insurance companies and your employer regarding the new name. Obtaining a new passport is what you have to care of; US department of State has the forms on their website. Depending on the situation you can make use of two forms. You can fill out form DS-5504 if your current passport is twelve months old, if your passport was issued less than twelve moths you cam make use of DS-82. Fill out the respective forms and attach a copy of the certified marriage certificate, your new driver’s license and the passport which you are using. Mail the forms to the address given on the specific forms. You will receive your new passport within eight weeks time.

To change your name in Washington DC after Marriage

To change your last name, you will have to get a legal name change in the state you reside due to residency requirements. Obtain a legal name change from the local country courthouse; the fee for the same differs from county to county. A notice of intent will be given, complete the notice of intent to file the name change. This must be displayed on a notice board in a selected area of your county courthouse for a period of ten successive days. Fill out the rest of the forms along with the affidavits and all the documents have to be notarized. The affidavits of character should have the signature of people living in your locality. Once every demanded requirement is met, after a few weeks you will get a certified copy of the name change court order. Fill out the forms for the social security card also; the form can be downloaded from the social security administrative site.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Abogados Reforma Migratoria

El camino que aún falta recorrer para que una reforma migratoria sea aprobada no es sencillo: 218 votos de la Cámara Baja, 60 del Senado y la firma del presidente Barack Obama. El mayor reto es que reciba el apoyo mayoritario del Poder Legislativo.

Por eso ayer más de 198 organizaciones en 43 ciudades de Estados Unidos unieron fuerzas en una campaña denominada “Reforma Migratoria Pro América”, que busca realizar actividades de cabildeo con legisladores que se oponen o no han definido su postura sobre este proyecto de reforma.

Reforma Migratoria
Reforma Migratoria

En metrópolis como Chicago, Nueva York, Atlanta, Denver, Las Vegas, Miami, Orlando, Pittsburg, San Francisco, San José, Santa Bárbara, San Diego, Baltimore, El Paso, entre otras, los activistas realizaron ruedas de prensa para enviar el mismo mensaje a los líderes en Washington D.C.: las leyes migratorias deben cambiar “ya”.

En Los Ángeles, un mes después de las tradicionales marchas pro inmigrantes del 1 de mayo, organizaciones comunitarias, sindicales, empresariales y religiosas, marcharon por las calles del centro de la ciudad para pedir que se legalice a 12 millones de indocumentados.

“¡Obama, escucha, estamos en la lucha!”, gritaron decenas de personas durante una breve caminata que partió de la Iglesia de Nuestra Señora Reina de los Ángeles, en la Placita Olvera, y concluyó en las escalinatas del Ayuntamiento.

“¿Qué queremos? ¡Reforma migratoria! ¿Cuándo? ¡Ahora!”, repitieron una y otra vez los manifestantes. Al frente de la marcha, se alzó una manta con la leyenda: “La reconstrucción económica incluye una reforma migratoria”.

En Miami, más de 700 activistas se integraron a la campaña y anticiparon que una comitiva viajará mañana a la capital del país para tratar de convencer a los legisladores de la importancia de legalizar a quienes “viven en las sombras”.

“Nuestros congresistas deben entender que se necesitan con urgencia soluciones reales para una reforma migratoria”, expresó Carlos Pereira, director ejecutivo del Centro de Orientación del Inmigrantes de Florida, a la agencia de noticias

Lesiones Personales

Una de las más interesantes ramas del Derecho es la relacionada con las Lesiones Personales. Tan así es, que muchos abogados hacen de ella su especialidad y entonces representan a clientes que han sufrido lesiones económicas o físicas a causa de un tercero y su negligencia.

Para la mayoría de los países, se considera ‘lesión personal’ a cualquier daño que fuera causado a un individuo como resultado de un accidente o por negligencia de un tercero, y esto incluye cortadas, huesos rotos, angustia mental o muerte.

Los abogados especializados en la rama de las lesiones personales, la escogen, en términos generales, no sólo de acuerdo con una preferencia personal, sino porque  han hecho una experiencia en una gran variedad de casos relacionados con accidentes de automóviles, abuso de menores o ancianos y mala práctica médica. Estos abogados luchan con sus clientes por obtener la compensación que merecen debido a las lesiones sufridas por la negligencia de un tercero. Dicha compensación no sólo implica el pago de los gastos médicos derivados, sino otros daños y perjuicios derivados de su lesión, tales como la pérdida de días de trabajo y hasta los daños morales.

Lamentablemente, cada año millones de personas en todo el mundo reciben lesiones personales, en algunos casos, permanentes. A la cabeza de las estadísticas están los accidentes de la construcción, en lo que se refiere a accidentes laborales, y los accidentes automovilísticos. Los errores personales de un médico o una enfermera constituyen casos de mala práctica médica o ‘mala praxis’ y  también suelen ser elegibles para recibir compensaciones, debido a los altos costes de tratamiento de lagunas lesiones personales por esta causa. Igualmente, los casos de abusos de niños o ancianos son defendidos enconosamente por los abogados especialistas del área, en especial a causa del sufrimiento mental y el daño moral sufrido por las víctimas.

Dado el número incontable de situaciones en las que alguien podría sufrir lesiones personales, las categorías de inclusión de las mismas cambian y evolucionan de manera constante. Además algunas se incluyen en ciertos países y en oros se las excluye, tal como sucede con las lesiones personales de los visitantes a parques de diversiones. De todos modos, aunque ciertas lesiones no se hallen en las categorías de cierto país, los abogados especializados recomiendan una consulta y la revisión del caso. Si el juicio se gana, muchas veces, al sentar jurisprudencia, la lesión termina por incluirse en la categorización de lesiones, para el beneficio de toda la sociedad.

Visa Temporal de Trabajo

Visa de Trabajo Temporal

Si desea trabajar en los Estados Unidos necesitará una “Visa de Trabajador Temporal” (H, L, O, P). El trámite para obtener una visa de trabajo puede ser complicado, y es responsabilidad del empleador en los Estados Unidos, quien deberá presentar una solicitud en los Estados Unidos, y mandarle a Ud. los documentos (copia de la petición I-129 y de la aprobación I-797) para que los presente en la Embajada. En la mayoría de los casos, Ud. tendrá que presentar una petición de trabajo aprobada por el Servicio de Inmigración y Naturalización de los Estados Unidos. Si le han ofrecido empleo en los E.U., pregunte a su posible empleador exactamente cuáles trámites ha hecho para arreglar que a Ud. se le permita trabajar en los E.U. legalmente.

Ud. deberá presentar:

Copia de la petición I-129 y de la aprobación I-797.
Un recibo del banco Banamex por el EQUIVALENTE EN PESOS de $131 dólares por costos de trámite. Puede haber cuotas adicionales para las personas que obtienen visas de trabajo.
Su pasaporte mexicano con vigencia mínima de seis meses
Llenar la forma de solicitud de visa por Internet en la misma computadora
Llenar la solicitud suplementaria si es varón entre los 16 y 45 años de edad ya sea cuando venga a hacer su trámite a la Embajada, o puede bajar esta solicitud suplementaria de este mismo sitio y llenarla por anticipado en la misma computadora.
Por favor tome en cuenta que estas visas tienen un costo adicional por expedición, por encima del costo de trámite arriba mencionado. Pida que el empleador le informe cuánto tendrá que pagar en la caja del Pabellón de Visas, la cual acepta pesos o dólares, al contado o con tarjeta de crédito “Visa”, “MasterCard” o “Discover”.

La Embajada de los Estados Unidos procesa solicitudes de visa de lunes a viernes (favor de tomar en cuenta que la Sección de Visas cierra los días festivos americanos y mexicanos). Para trámite de estas visas se debe concertar una cita llamando, con pasaporte en mano, al teléfono 01−900−849−4949 (con cargo a su recibo telefónico) desde cualquier parte del país, incluyendo la Cd. de México, entre 7:00 a.m. y 9:00 p.m. de lunes a viernes, y de 9:00 a 15:00 hrs. sábados, domingos y días festivos.

Las citas para visas de petición se asignan independientemente de las de turista. Cuando llame para hacer su cita, ACLARE qué tipo de visa va a tramitar.

Por favor tome en cuenta que con algunas visas sujetas a petición (H1B, L, O, P) existe la posibilidad de que su trámite demore de 5 a 10 días adicionales.