Monday, 4 November 2013

The Immigration Lawyer

Like any other kind of attorney, a immigration attorney must be licensed to practice law. Immigration attorneys are attorneys that specialize specifically within the field of immigration. The field can be broken down into sub-categories as well. Some immigration attorneys may work on deportation cases while other immigration attorneys may specialize in helping immigrants with the process of naturalization.

•    When it comes to any court involving immigration, immigrants are not provided with attorneys free of charge. If an immigrant wants an attorney to try to prevent their deportation case, then they must hire their own immigration attorney to fight the case. Immigrants who are facing deportation is in a vulnerable situation. Since many immigrants live in poverty, they cannot afford to hire an immigration attorney. Because of this, many immigrants decide to defend themselves. However, immigration attorneys are sometimes willing to work on a sliding scale, charging what they determine that an individual can afford to pay per hour.

•    Another way that an immigration attorney might be able to help an immigrant is by leading them through the process of naturalization. Naturalization is the process by which an immigrant becomes a naturalized American citizen. They then have the same rights as any other American citizen, although they can still be deported. Become a citizen requires a series of complicated steps. An immigration attorney should know how to navigate through these steps in a way that an immigrant will not. The process of naturalization involves requirements such as the citizenship test, a background check, an interview and five years of legal residence in the United States.

•    An immigrant who can afford to hire a immigration lawyer should ask some basic questions of the immigration attorney before hiring him or her. Finding out if the immigration attorney has had a successful career is one of the first things that an immigrant should find out, especially if facing a deportation. If a immigration attorney has fought many deportation orders and won, than the immigrant may find it to be within their best interest to hire the immigration attorney. The same goes for a immigrant who wants to be naturalized. Immigration lawyer Chicago should have experience in the process of naturalization.

•    The individual should also find out what the immigration attorney fees are. Some may cost hundred of dollars per billable hours while others will only charge what the immigrant can afford.

Because immigration is a hot button issue in the United States, a immigration attorney should be thick skinned and patient.